Welcome to the All Ministries page! On this page you will find a listing of every ministry that is available here at Lindsay Lane. You may click any button on the left to jump directly to the list of ministries associated with that group. If you find a ministry that you would like to serve in please contact the ministry leader for that ministry. If you can not find any contact information you can always call or email the Church. The Church contact info can be found at the bottom of the website. Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve!


Adult Singles Ministry

Leader - Janet Hill


To help meet spiritual and emotional needs of the adult single who are divorced, widowed or never married.

College & Young Singles

Leader - Brit & Katie White


The Lindsay Lane College and Young Singles Ministry exists to minister to young adults.  Our ministry generally is available to young men and women under 30.  Other than the age category,  there are no pre-requisites.  Come as you are and wherever you find yourself.  Our ministry has young adults from various backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances. 


A “D-Group” is a group of 3 – 5 people who meet together on a regular basis to practice Christlike disciplines.

Love Your Neighbor

Matthew 22: 37 – 39 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”


What a difference a warm smile makes.Something as simple as a friendly wave or extending a helping hand can change a person’s outlook on life. Our neighbors are longing for our words of kindness and answers to their life’s struggles. As Christians, we have the answer.


“Love Your Neighbor” is simply about loving on and ministering to those who live around you.The goal of “Love Your Neighbor” is that by modeling Christ’s love, we might win some of our neighbors to Christ.

Men's Ministry

Leader - Eric Pugh


To promote spiritual growth through fellowship and service among the men of LLBC. Also drawing into fellowship, LLBC men that are inactive. To minister to men of all ages in fellowship, service, friendship and prayer through events/activities that bring glory to God. 

MOMS (Moms of Many Strengths)

Leader - Angela Benton


MOMS is a Ministry for moms with children of ALL ages.  MOMS meetings provide the busy mom a way to get to know other moms, learn from encouraging speakers, enjoy an uninterrupted lunch, and even stretch her creative imagination with simple crafts---all while her children are lovingly cared for in our child care program.

Women's Ministry

Leader - Debbie Legg


To minister to ladies of all ages. To learn to listen to what God says through his Word. To pray, to share, to encourage and to fellowship with one another having the bond of Christ. 

Young at Heart

Young at Heart Ministry for all ages of people generally age 55 and older who like to have good Christian fellowship and grow in spiritual maturity and service. Events include special trips, luncheons, mission trips and projects and etc.

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Children's Choir

Leader - Stacy Wolfe


Children are very important to the ongoing and future ministry of our church; therefore, it is our goal to provide children with the best possible opportunity of learning essential life-skills, Biblical truths, and the joy of worshiping God through music and the arts. The ministry includes choirs for children from preschool through the sixth grade. The Children’s Choir participates in their own yearly productions as well as taking part in various seasonal events throughout the year.

Children's Ministry

Leader - Lori Carter


A ministry for bed babies to school age children up to 6th grade. Sunday School classes are on Sunday mornings throughout the year. Cubbies, Puggles, AWANA are offered on Sunday evenings during the school year. Children’s Ministry offers  VBS, Kids Camp, Trunk or Treat and other various activities throughout the year.

Hope Ministry

Leader - Lori Carter

Hope Ministry  is a ministry provided for our special needs families within our church and community. Hope Ministry is an organized way to care for our special needs families and fully include every child in our children’s programs at Lindsay Lane. We provide a one on one buddy for individual children that might need extra help during their time at church, so that child can be disciple, be loved on, and grow in the Lord at his/her own pace in all of Kids Lane Ministries. If you would like to know more about this ministry please contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Myra Carter by email at myra@lindsaylane.org or by phone at  256-232-0020.

Little Lane/MMO

Leader - Rhonda Carter


It is the purpose of Little Lane Weekday Preschool & MMO to assist parents in the academic, social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development of their children.  It is our belief that a Christian environment enhances this development process.

Preschool Ministry

Leader - Lori Carter


Serving Ages Birth to Pre-K


"We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done." Psalms 78:4

Preschoolers are extra-special to us here at Lindsay Lane. It is our mission to minister to every child in a safe and loving environment.  Please take a moment to explore the many opportunities that await you at the 'Wondrous Way'.

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Alzheimer's Support

Leader - Linda Bridwell


To provide a meeting place and forum for “Caregivers” of Alzheimers Demetia loved one’s. Enabling them to learn, and share with others who understand the challenges dealing with this disease.

Broken Circle

Leader - Pat Parmer


To help the widowed recognize their need to daily depend upon the Lord and to realize that all their strength and peace comes from Him. To provide understanding and support to the widow and to help her grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord

Grief Share

To remind us to focus on the positives, and allow God to grow us through our loss and healing.

To comfort and support those who have suffered a loss. To assure them that God is in control of their situation, even when they can't see that at the time.

Home Education

Leader - Monica Williams


This ministry is operated to meet members' needs and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ while so doing. We are not a home educating church, but we are a church who supports parental choice regarding the education of their children

Respite Care

Leader - Michelle Ramsden

To provide a caring, loving and fun atmosphere so parents and caregivers can have a deep sense of peace in knowing their loved one will be accepted and taken care of in God’s love.

Say Yes Orphan Care

Leader - Jacob & Vanessa Barnett

We are a ministry that cares for orphans and their families, birth and new. To glorify God by spreading the gospel to orphans and their birth families and modeling God's adaption of the saints into His family.

Wayne Peters Ministry

Leader - Eddy McLemore


Ministry responsible for helping the Lindsay Lane members and family members who are in nursing homes or home bound with a touch and encouraging word.

Widows Ministry

Leader - Jack Harding


Ministry responsible for helping the Widow’s and Widower’s of Lindsay Lane who do not have family who can help them or cannot help themselves with light projects.

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Celebration Service

Leader - Dwaine Stroud


Here at LLBC, the Celebration Service is defined by its far-reaching worship -- worship in which aspects of both the contemporary and blended are evident and are seamlessly brought together for a God-honoring, engaging, and life-changing service. Music is led by the Worship Choir, Orchestra, and Praise Team, and the songs we sing are from our grandest traditions to our freshest expressions. Worship is engaging and intelligent -- stirring both the heart and mind. The goal of every service is to enter into God's presence and power -- giving Him the glory, pleasing Him, and ministering to His desire and command for worship. In doing so, believers are filled with His power and non-believers are touched by His presence. Believers consistently grow in their worship while non-believers learn what it means to worship. The Word is preached, and believers are made stronger while non-believers realize their need for God and are saved.

Choir & Orchestra

Leader - Dwaine Stroud


Throughout history, from the new mother singing a tender lullaby with her child to the soldier singing a rousing song with his troops, music has always been at the heart of every generation. Likewise, touching the lives of both young and old, music will always play an important role in man's worship of God. God created music, and He loves His creation.

WAM (Worship, Activities & Music)

Leader - Stacy Wolfe


Children are very important to the ongoing and future ministry of our church; therefore, it is our goal to provide children with the best possible opportunity of learning essential life-skills, Biblical truths and the joy of worshiping God through music and the arts. WAM includes worship and music time for children from preschool through sixth grade and track classes (activities) for children from kindergarten through sixth grade. All ages participate in their own yearly productions as well as taking part in various seasonal events throughout the year.


Leader - Will Stutts


PathLight is a group of both middle and high schoolers who love to sing and do so together as we glorify God and bring Him praise. Our desire is to be a Light to the world - “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105) We participate in several ministry opportunities through the year and end the year with a Music & Mission Trip to SonPower in Nashville, TN - A week of Music, Missions, and Fun! PathLight rehearses on Wednesday nights from 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Leader - Daniel Hardiman


At Lindsay Lane, we use high quality audio, video and lighting systems to enhance and give clarity to our worship services and special presentations. We use servant/volunteers, who work behind-the-scenes, to run these systems. The areas of service include audio, camera operation, video editing and graphics, lighting, media duplication/distribution, and stage set-up.

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Baptism Assistance

Leader - Cindy Stilley


Ministry responsible for contacting, scheduling and setting up for all Baptisms at Lindsay lane.


Leader - Eric Pugh

Ministry responsible for helping those in need who cannot help themselves.

Biker Ministry (F.A.I.T.H. Riders)

Leaders - Danny & Kelli Southard


A motorcycle ministry passionate about sharing Christ with the world.

Christmas Card Ministry

Leader - Virginia Dale


Christmas Card Post Office is open for six (6) weeks during the Christmas season so that you are able to exchange Christmas Cards with your church family without paying postage. The hope is that you take postage saved and donate to the Annie Armstrong Ministry.

Deacon's Ministry

Leader - Mike Odom


Ministry responsible for helping the Pastor and Associate Pastors to minister to the members of Lindsay Lane. Lead out in all aspects of the church; Lord’s Supper, Widow’s banquet, Window’s Ministry and care giver to groups.

Decision Counseling

Leader - Randy Brown


Ministry responsible for counseling new members during the invitation.

Emergency Response Team

Leader - Bradley Griggs


A group of people who respond to Medical emergencies.

First Touch Ministry

Leader - Janet Hill


First Touch Ministry encompasses, the Parking Lot, Greeters Usher, Security and Traffic. Our purpose is to assist our visitors and congregation to get from the parking lot to the pew as easily as possible. We want to be helpful and encouraging.

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