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"Gambling With Eternity" CD

This is the Testimony CD of Pastor Dusty McLemore. He was raised in his hometown of Athens,AL. He was gloriously saved on October 30, 1979 from the lifestyle of a compulsive gambler. He faithfully attended his home church at Round Island Baptist Church where he served in many capacities including Deacon and Sunday school teacher. Pastor Dusty was called into ministry in September 1991.

CD - $5.00

"Gambling With Eternity" booklet 

Booklet - Free


"The Principles of Marriage" CD or DVD Set

In this new marriage series, Pastor Dusty expounds upon the Apostle Paul’s teachings from I Corinthians Chapter 7. The first three messages of this series speaks to the “Intent of Marriage” which is of God’s design. The “Intimacy of Marriage” in which we give authority of our bodies over to our spouse. Thirdly, the “Integrity of Marriage” in which Paul gives instruction concerning divorce and remarriage. The Series concludes with the “Illustration of Marriage” speaking of the romantic marriage between Ruth & Boaz. This timely series is available in both a CD set and a DVD set.

CD Set - $15.00 DVD Set - $20.00


"Building Godly Relationships" CD

Set In a culture where everything is so superficial, Godly relationships are needed more than ever. In this 3 disk CD set, Pastor Dusty McLemore addresses the Foundation, Forgiveness and Faithfulness of Godly Relationships.

CD Set - $15.00


"End Time Prophecy" CD Set

This 11 message series deals with the Biblical prophecies concerning the End Times Events beginning with the rapture of the church and concluding with the Great White Throne Judgement in Revelation. This has been our most requested sermon series!

CD Set - $25.00


"Helping Parents Raise Generations of Champions for Christ" CD Set

A four message series that instructs and encourages parents in the process of raising a generation of children/students who become Champions for Christ.

CD Set - $15.00


"Family Foundations of Marriage" CD Set

This three week message series explains the Meaning, the Model and the Middle-Ground of marriage. Great for both newlyweds and couple who have been married for years.

CD Set - $15.00


"Why Christians Suffer" CD Set

Scripture tells us that all who desire to live godly in Christ will suffer. But what are we to make of that? What does that mean and how are we to respond to suffering? Pastor Dusty McLemore will walk you through these and other tough questions about suffering in this powerful 4 disk CD set. You will learn that God is in control.

CD Set - $20.00


"Baptism: Symbol or Salvation" CD

In this one CD sermon, Pastor Dusty answers a lot of questions regarding Baptism and clears up so much confusion that surrounds this command. Baptism:Symbol or Salvation

CD - $5.00