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Sunday School         8:00 | 11:00

Morning Worship       9:30

Evening Activities     6:00


Evening Worship     6:30

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Lindsay Lane Worship Choir Information

This page was created to answer the common questions people have about the choir I hope you find it informative and helpful.



Worship Options: 

Leading the Church in Worship

9:30 AM

The choir meets in the choir room at 9:15 AM to go over the anthem for that day, pray, and get lined up for the choir loft.

We lead and model worship during the entire service, so plan on remaining in the choir loft through the invitation. It is such a blessing as a choir to be able to pray for those coming down during the invitation.



Sunday Afternoon, 4:25 – 5:55 p.m. – Choir Room




Ò   All the people in choir have trained voices.


Response:Probably less than 20% actually have trained voices.

You will grow musically and receive training during rehearsals.


Ò   It will occupy too much of my time.


RESPONSE: One rehearsal per week. (90 Minutes)


Ò   It is too intimidating to join a large choir.


RESPONSE: Our people will love you, and welcome you with open arms.

You will develop close bonds with those sitting around you each week.


Ò   I shouldn’t join, because I can’t attend EVERY Sunday.


RESPONSE: We work on music far in advance, So

if you miss a rehearsal, you’ll still be prepared.



Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ò   Is childcare provided for rehearsals? YES


Ò   Do I have to read music to participate? NO


Ò   Do I have to have a great voice? NO


Ò   Do I have to audition? NO


Ò   When can I join? ANYTIME


Ò   When I decide to join, do I just show up at a rehearsal? YES


May I check it out before deciding to join?


YES, YES! There is no pressure to join. You may come to rehearsal anytime and

just see if this is a ministry you would enjoy, and one in which you could be used by God.



  Should I decide to join, what do I do? 

Come to rehearsal. Stop at the Guest Information Table prior to entering the rehearsal

area, where choir greeters will be available to assist you with a music packet. They will escort

you into the rehearsal room, show you where to sit, and introduce you to people around you.

Once you’ve attended three consecutive rehearsals, you will be added to our

membership and assigned a music folder. IT’S EASY!




COME . . .

Get “plugged in” to what God is doing in and through our Worship Ministry.

You are wanted …you are needed …you will be blessed …and you will be a blessing to God and others.