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Why Me, Lord?

Posted by Dusty Mclemore on Nov 01, 2012 with 0 Comments

Recently, my Sunday school teacher was teaching our lesson from the book of First Peter Ch. 4 on the topic of suffering. He expounded on verse twelve: "why do you think it strange concerning the trials which are to try you as though some strange thing happened to you.." Then he asked the class this piercing question: How many of you have ever asked God, Why Me? Most everyone raised their hands in acknowledgment that they had definitely had that conversation with God! Then a few began to expound upon their respective burdens or tradegies. As I sat still and listened to their misfortunes, immediately my mind and heart began to ponder the question asked...Why Me? But, as I thought about the answer I found myself mediating on just how blessed and fortunate I've been when it came to trials and misfortunes. Then, I too began to ask God, Why Me? But, in a different vain. Why me, Lord? Why am I so blessed? Why am I so blessed to have a wife of thirty-nine years who absolutely loves and adores her husband? Why am I so blessed to have two beautiful and caring daughters along with their godly husbands? Why am I so blessed to have six terrific grandchildren who love their papa? Why am I so blessed to have two wonderful godly parents and a fantastic mother-in-law? Why am I so blessed and fortunate to pastor a church the past twenty years that's very faithful and supportive, who truly loves their pastor? On and on I went through these type scenarios of just how blessed I really am! And then I had to ask myself the question...Why me, Lord? Why have You chosen to bless my life? I could never get an answer or figure that one out. I just gratefully accept God's marvelous grace of His bountiful blessings! I still wonder just why I am so blessed of God. I think about the song lyrics of Kris Kristoffuson and just what he was going through when he wrote the song, "Why me, Lord"? The lyrics asked the question: "Why me, Lord? What have I ever done, to deserve even one, of the pleasures I've known? Tell me Lord, what did I ever do, that's was worth loving You, or the kindness You've shone?" Really! What did I ever do to deserve the glorious blessings God has bestowed upon me? So, the next time I feel like complaining about serving God or a trial I'm going through, I pray I'll never forget to ask...Why me, Lord? Why am I so blessed!